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record to 14. we have live coverage. sheldon dutes joins us with the and reaction. we begin with gerry sandusky who has the highlights. >> i did not think i would see anything closer than the marathon yesterday. we saw something this afternoon even crazier. the finish was wildly unpredictable in the 31-29 win for the ravens that sends them off to a 5-1 start the season. this was the action with the ball. he took the ball deep in the end zone and took off running untouched. the nfl recor time 108-yard kick gave the ravens the lead. the ravens are up eight. the touchdown reception. the cowboys went back for the two-point conversion to tie it. he was there but dropped the ball. the ravens still have the lead with 32 seconds left. the cowboys converted on the kick and set up a game-winning potential kick. white left from 51 yards. the ravens hang on to beat the cowboys 31-29. exhale and celebrate after the game. >> i told him stats do not win games. >> for the ravens fans, a huge weekend. they gave buck showalter a big round of applause before it started. sheldon dutes is outside the stadi
are sidelined with injuries. sheldon dutes has more on the crushing blow to fans. we began with gerry sandusky who joins us in the studio lot on how this affects the team. >> i would say in a word, significantly. they know they cannot replace ray lewis. they have to, but they know they cannot. they can replace the position, but not his leadership and knowledge. he tore his tricep muscle on his right arm. the same with lardarius webb, he tore a ligament in his neat. who picks up the leadership? you cannot replace that. others will have expanded roles now. we will not see ray lewis the rest of the season. who can say whether or not we will ever see no. 52 in ravens uniform again? >> that is for him to speak on. i admire ray lewis. i have said that many times. i think everybody in this room does. everybody that knows him, feels that way about him. i look forward to seeing what he says about that. >> he leads in career tackles and for the 15th time in his 17 year career, he leads the ravens in tackles. no one in the nfl has more interceptions than lardarius webb of the past two seasons. filling th
say on several very controversial ballot questions. sheldon dutes continues our commitment 2012 coverage, live downtown at the board of elections. >> there are seven questions on the ballot but three have gotten the most attention. those include in-state tuition for immigrants' children, expanded gambling, and same-sex marriage. >> starting this weekend, maryland voters will be able to cast their ballot for the next president of the united states and other elected offices. they will also start voting on a series of ballot questions that will change the future of the state. >> we have never experienced this before. >> it explains the inundation of political ads we have seen on television about some of the more controversial ballot questions. >> this is more of a california type of situation where you have voters being asked whether or not to approve all sorts of issues that normally they lead to their legislators. >> to questions will require judges in prince george's and baltimore county to be members of the baltimore board. the third question will focus on when an elected offic
couple of years. sheldon dutes joins us live from federal hill without police are working to make the city even safer. >> as you mentioned, on a crime is down across the city compared to previous years, but the new city commissioner and the rest of department want to focus on cracking down on quality of life crimes like robberies and car break-ins. >> one of the safer neighborhoods in the city, and both want to keep it that way the federal hill neighborhood association is taking ownership of their neighborhood streets by participating in their monthly citizens on patrol walk. >> we walk around and point out things that may be suspicious. but also let the bad guys out there know that this is an active neighborhood, and people here are interested and want to know what is going on. >> homicides, rapes, and robbery third down in the city compared to the past couple of years. but things like property crime, robbery, burglary, those are very important to a lot of people. we have to make sure we also reduce violence. >> the newly installed police commissioner wants to improve the city's
. there is a blizzard warning in the mountains. more coming up. >> i am sheldon dutes with tips on how to get ready for the approaching storm. >> i am lowell melser in ocean city. >> welcome back to the extended edition of the news at 6:00. >> thousands are being told to evacuate coastal areas of delaware, new jersey, connecticut, and other areas. cancelednes have k more than 5000 flights. tom tasselmyer has been tracking the storm all day and the past several days. >> it seems to be behaving the way the models indicated. the critical part will be tonight into tomorrow morning. that is when the storm is expected to return. it is still 270 miles south of cape hatteras. it makes the turn toward us. we will be watching for the band to the northwest. we have two weather elements. we have the front to the west. there is cold air behind it. the radar is starting to show some paint indicating snow. the cold air is dropping in. the hurricane is approaching from the south and east. that is expected to hit the coast tomorrow afternoon. when the two elements combine, sandy will not be a hurricane. it will be
inside. sheldon dutes has the latest on the investigation from county police headquarters in ellicott city. >> is bad enough he got into the victim's home without them knowing it, but police have no idea how we got inside, repeatedly, after several months. you can clearly make of the suspects face as he is setting up a hidden camera in the victim's bed room while they were not home. the female roommates are in their 20's and live on montgomery run road. installed a hidden camera in both of their bedrooms. >> he re-entered department multiple times, repositioning the camera, and each time, capturing his own image on video. >> i have a daughter with me. is kind of creepy. >> it is kind of scary, actually. i had no idea that was going on. >> one of the victims discover the camera hidden her closet and immediately called police. what is more concerning is that no one knows how this man ended up in their home. police said they never found any sign of forced entry. brett favre investigators have done quite a bit of research into recent contractors, maintenance workers in that area. so far,
, and voting for seven crucial issues on the ballot. sheldon dutes is live at the board of elections downtown. >> through next thursday, november 1, people will be able to vote early in this election. a good voter is a prepared one. officials are urging everyone to read up on the candidates and all the issues before they head to the polls. starting this weekend, maryland voters will be able to cast their ballots for the next president of the united states, as well as a few other elected officials. >> we have staff to try to prevent lines. >> here is what you need to know if you plan to vote early. between this saturday, october 7, and thursday november 1, the polls will be open from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. every day of early voting, except for sunday when they will be open from noon to 6:00 p.m. mr. to check your precinct to make sure you are boating at the correct spot -- be sure to check your precinct. tim -- to make sure you are boating at the correct spot. >> the specimen ballot that to get in the mail will look just like the machine. >> you will also vote yes or no on 7 ballot questio
an update on the forecast. pete gilbert has a preview of the big game. we begin with sheldon dutes live outside of oriole park with all the excitement. >> the rain has started to come down heavier in the past five minutes. that is not stopping the fans from having a good time. people are gearing up for the game this afternoon. there is a rain delay for this evening's game. no word on when the game will start. the fans are excited nonetheless. there is a whole generation of fans and gearing up to see the birds play for the first time in the postseason. >> it is my first playoff game. >> then there is the other crowd of fans who were little kids in 1997 and barely remember the last time the orioles were relevant this late in the season. >> i was 6 years old. i cannot wait. this is the happiest moment of my life. >> what happened in the years between 1997 and now? >> we were practicing to go all the way this year. >> in a few minutes, the orioles and yankees will resume their rivalry. it could be an interesting nine innings for this local couple. >> he is from new york. >> i was born the y
are already experiencing hurricane sandy. >> we begin with sheldon dutes onejowins us live with hel some residents are preparing. >> the rain has been coming down for the past 30 minutes. the wind has been steady. we caught up with folks in the city and county get him ready for the storm. >> hurricane sandy is already developing a reputation. >> it is scary. it is covering such a wide area. >> with so much uncertainty, she wants to make sure she is prepared. >> what did you stocked up on a? >> toilet paper, paper towels, milk, regular things. >> she is not alone. workers at the supermarket in southeast baltimore have been busy bringing up items all day. >> milk, water, a lot of batteries. >> people who live in low lying areas piled sandbags to get ready. >> to keep the water from coming in. >> people have altered their plans. the storm has not stopped people from early voting. we caught up with voters -- poll workers a one precinct. >> we have had more people than ever. we had a great turnout yesterday. the lines were shorter than the other locations. we did have a great turnout. >> the
, and one person has died. sheldon dutes has the latest. >> state health officials are not saying where these two reported cases were diagnosed but they say that hundreds of people across the state might have been exposed. they are asking everyone to be vigilant. so far, two people from maryland have been affected by a deadly bomb will meningitis outbreak that has shown up in five other states. of the two reported cases here in maryland, one person has already died. health officials say steroid injections were given in every case so far. >> it is important to note that this meningitis is not considered to be transmissible person to person. >> an official from the fda says tests found contamination. the company has recalled nearly 17,000 vials and state health officials say some of those came to maryland. in harford county, it went to the surgery center in abingdon and a clinic in bellaire. >> all of them pulled the implicated lots of product and they are in the process of contacting their patients. >> state health officials are urging people to watch out for the symptoms of meningitis.
insurance claims. plus updated weather conditions. we began as sheldon dutes with more on tidal flooding. >> we are in fells point in this area has been prone to flooding, but we have not seen any that flooding tonight. we drove around all parts of fells point that are prone to flooding and did not see any. folks in this neighborhood are breathing a sigh of relief that it did not happen but there are other aspects of sandy left to see. we deathly dodged a bullet compared to those to the north and west of us. from the 2 feet of snow that fell in western maryland to the flooding in parts of ocean city and delaware, sandy definitely laughter market she made landfall. low-lying areas to run the baltimore metro area, people had to wade through their property to assess the damage. people in wilson's. are seeing flooding in their neighborhood but they are glad the storm system was not as bad as isabel was. >> compared to isabel, this is a piece of cake. >> compared to isabel, this is mild. this is nothing. >> the choppy waves of the bay were another reminder that sandy had passed through the ar
. sheldon dutes is live at the headquarters. >> police have charged that the deputy teenagers with first- degree murder and other teenagers in connection to the murder. i caught up with one of the surviving victims. he is still confused by what happened. he and his friends are good guys that do not get into trouble. >> i do not believe it. i watched him die. >> he is stunned that he and his best friend were the targets of the shooting early on saturday morning. >> i actually have a lot about nerve damage. i can't feel too much of anything in my hand. of course they were at a house party near pasadena that eventually got broken up by the cops. the two friends and some others made their way back to the house. >> we said we are not partying tonight. >> the truck came back towards them. >> i said to is that? the back window rolled down. we got shot. >> matthew was rushed to the hospital, but later died to of his injuries. his parents declined to talk to us on camera. he had just graduated from anne arundel county community college and was going to continue his education at towson university
-morning fire in east baltimore. sheldon dutes joins us with more on the vigil and the latest on the investigation. >> firefighters say they are still trying to figure out where the fire started and what may have sparked the fire. relatives said there were smoke alarms in the home, but firefighters say based on the evidence that does not appear to be true at this time. dozens of loved ones gathered tonight to pray for the victims and families. stuffed animals and lighted candles decorate the entrance of the home where four children and their grandmother killed at an early-morning fire. a seven-euro was one of the victims. >> we both like to get on the trampoline. she was kind and generous. but she was a very lovable child. she hugged everyone. it is just so amazing that yesterday, she went around hugging everyone and telling them i love you. little did we know that would be the last time we would see her. >> i was just screaming when i came down because i knew there were kids in there. i was like oh my god, there are babies in there. >> firefighters arrived around 2:00 a.m. ni
to ensure that everyone was safe along the coast. >> sheldon dutes was invited to ride along with some coast guard officials today. >> i am rob roblin, here in baltimore county. thank goodness, sandy was no isabel. a live report, coming up. >> witness the i music: guitar, clapping and whistling throughout. multivitamin coming in. on it chief! look alive people! smooth and steady guys. everything on schedule down here? yep, pretty regular. nice job. keep it strong. thanks. onward and upward! vo: launch your day. ...with the multivitamin made with 26 fruits and vegetables plus extra b-vitamins... ...for energy. alive. start feeling it. >> welcome back to our special coverage on the aftermath of sandy. >> our live team coverage continues with rob roblin. how are the people there? >> they are pretty happy, because it was not as bad as they thought. has been a long couple of days in these parts. yesterday was a strong, gusty winds, heavy rain, and early this morning, the high tide. >> compared to isabel, i would say this is really mild. compared to isabel, this is nothing. >> on wilson. this morn
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